Sales Policy

-Deposits: We do not hold any bunny without a 50% deposit. We do not allow a deposit to be placed on any bunny under 8 weeks of age. All deposits are nonrefundable. 

-Sexing Bunnies: All bunnies are sexed prior to being placed up for sale. We do the best we can to sex accurately, but cannot always be 100% accurate with baby bunnies.

-Health: All of our bunnies leave the rabbitry happy and healthy to the best of our knowledge. No bunny will be permitted to leave before 10 weeks of age with no exceptions. Once a bunny leaves our rabbitry it is no longer our responsibility. 

-Here at our rabbitry our first priority is always the health, safety and happiness of our bunnies. We ask that prospective buyers please think through the decision to buy a bunny. These are living and breathing creatures that do require a fair amount of upkeep. Please do your research before deciding a bunny is the correct pet for you.